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let's unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words.

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Think of me, think of me fondly
When we've said goodbye
Remember me once in a while
Please promise me you'll try

Then you'll find that once again you long
To take your heart back and be free
If you ever find a moment
Spare a thought for me

We never said our love was evergreen
Or as unchanging as the sea
But if you can still remember
Stop and think of me

Recall those days, look back on all those times
Think of those things we'll never do
There will never be a day
When I won't think of you

Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade
They have their seasons, so do we
But please promise me that sometimes
You will think of me
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masterbaiting: round of applause for Ahiru's flawless logic
quackery: shut up she's a genius okay

azarathmetrion: ask yourself "what would Ahiru do" and then do the opposite

painhumbles: It's not so much algebra as it's, "1 + 1 = Ahiru did something dumb again, must be Tuesday."

Social capital

  • less than 10